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Our car buying policies are what sets us the furthest apart from other car selling options. If you sell a car on your own, you are at the mercy of ever-changing popular preferences. If you need to sell your car quickly, you might not have time to wait for these preferences to shift back into your favor. Even if your car is in perfect condition, some manufactures have gained poor reputations for producing lemons, and that could affect the value of your vehicle.

At Cash for Cars El Monte, we determine the value of vehicles based on a different set of criteria than the average consumer. In many cases, if you are selling a vehicle with poor fuel efficiency you will be hard pressed to find a buyer at any price. We regularly buy large trucks, suburbans, and passenger vans. Take a look below to see what else we buy.

The Vehicles We Buy

All Makes – we buy domestic and foreign made cars in equal number. We buy vehicles that were produced by small manufacturers or by those that have gained poor reputations.
All Models – We buy cars of every shape and size: sports cars, luxury sedans, collectibles, compacts, sub-compacts, and everything in-between. We buy crossovers, trucks, SUVs, and vans.
All Years – Have an older car but can’t seem to find a buyer? Many people overlook vehicles that are fifteen years old or over. We’ve bought vehicles from every era!

Almost Any Condition – We buy vehicles with cosmetic damages such as rust spots, paint flaking, dents, and scratches. We buy cars with dirty or torn interiors. We even buy vehicles that have such severe body or engine damage that they are no longer safe to drive. For more information on how to sell extremely damaged vehicles, check out the “Cash For Junk Cars’ section of the site.
Multiple Vehicles – In order to make things easier for local business owners, we will make offers on multiple vehicles simultaneously. So, if you own a fleet of company vehicles that need to be replaced fast, give us a call today.
Everything Else – We buy hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, customized vehicles, and specialty vehicles. We’ll buy just about anything that we come across and we’ll buy it fast!

If you are ready to receive a cash offer in about fifteen minutes, head over to the “Sell A Car” section of the site to find out how to sell to us.


"I would recommend this company to anyone with a junk car that they wish to get rid of. I had a rusted car sitting behind my garage for years. I kept telling myself I would haul it to a junkyard, but never got around to it. This company picked it up 2 hours after my phone call and paid me."

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