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Sell A Junk Vehicle

About the Program

Our program is designed to help people dispose of their vehicles in the most environmentally friendly way possible: through a recycling center. The process works the same as selling a running vehicle, except that we determine the price in a different way. Junk cars are valued based on the combined value of their recyclable parts—mostly by the weight of the steel. We drive out to the location of the junk car, pay cash to the owner, and tow the vehicle to a certified recycling center.

Why Junk Cars?

While they are gaining in popularity, junk car programs are still relatively rare because they offer a low profit margin. However, the importance of the program cannot be overstated. Without access to programs like ours, junk car owners will generally choose one of two routes. If they have enough room, they often leave the car on their property because they do not have the time or the resources to tow it away. Until recently, the second option was to take the vehicle to a landfill. Both of these options can be very harmful to the environment. These vehicles can leak toxic fluids into the environment and their steel frames can spread heavy metal pollution into local waterways if precautions are not taken. We started our junk car program because we believe businesses have a responsibility to protect the local environment.

Benefits of Recycling Centers

Recycling centers start out by disposing of toxic fluids in an environmentally safe way. This alone makes them the best option of the three. In addition, many of the centers recycle used oil which can help keep the price of fuel down in the long run. The steel that is reclaimed from the body and frame of junk cars helps satisfy the ever-growing demand from countries like China. The recycling process doesn’t stop at steel; rubber, plastic, and glass are all also recycled.

What is a Junk Car?

Loosely defined, a junk car is any vehicle that has come to the end of its useful life. Most of them no longer run because they are old, have been in wrecks, or are too expensive to repair. Even if they run, they may be unsafe to operate because of severe body damage. If you own a vehicle that you no longer want and you are unable to sell because of its poor condition, it is most likely a junk vehicle.


"I would recommend this company to anyone with a junk car that they wish to get rid of. I had a rusted car sitting behind my garage for years. I kept telling myself I would haul it to a junkyard, but never got around to it. This company picked it up 2 hours after my phone call and paid me."

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